Our Statement of Values

Who we are:

Washington Co. Independent Neighbors – WIN – is a non-partisan, unaffiliated group of Washington County residents committed to making local government more responsive to the concerns of local residents. We are not a new party.  We just want to foster honest public debate on critical issues facing our county.

We support:

  • Open, responsive government, where the priorities and concerns of local residents come first;
  • A strong, diversified economy based in large part on local farms, independent businesses and new and young entrepreneurs providing products and services our communities need;
  • Economic development that encourages living wage jobs in tourism, outdoor recreation, renewable energy and energy efficiency, cultural heritage, and light manufacturing that adds value to local resources;
  • Public investment – our tax dollars – in education, broadband, and in the infrastructure needed for healthy communities and a strong local economy;
  • Land use and zoning policies that enable sustainable development while protecting the health and safety of our families and children, our air and water, farmers and farmland, forests and scenic beauty.

We oppose:

  • Governing through back door deals, secrecy and unreasonable limits on public debate;
  • Taxpayer subsidies for big corporations and national chains that give such outside companies unfair advantages over local, independent businesses;
  • Land use and economic development decisions that profit only a few while potentially threatening our environment, or putting the safety of school children or the health of the community at risk.