About Us

WashingtonCourthouse2WIN is  Washington Co. Independent Neighbors.

Formed in 2015, WIN is a non-partisan, unaffiliated group of county residents committed to making local government much more responsive to the concerns of local residents. WIN is working to identify and support candidates for local office who share our priorities, and to foster honest public debate on critical issues facing our county.

We are not an alternative political party, but a group of citizens who believe that we need leaders who support a strong education system, a diverse local economy,  and land use policies that protect our farms, our water and our natural beauty. We want leaders committed to open, public debate with the people they represent. We’ve posted a short piece that describes our values and priorities in more detail.

If you would also like to see a more responsive local government, one that values the things that make Washington County a special place, we invite you to become involved with WIN.

We are always open to volunteers who share our values, and for people who want to make a positive difference in their community. Please click on this link, so that we can contact you soon about opportunities to become involved.

Thank you!

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